Our Team

Headshot tim

Timothy Barnes

Co-founder, CEO, RPT

Timothy is a piano technician and entrepreneur. With a background in economics and business administration, he also manages the team at Well-Loved Piano. Timothy's vision and leadership have paved the way for The Gazelle Network to thrive and provide needed tools for our industry.

Headshot luke

Luke Ehresman

Co-founder, CTO, Software Engineer

Luke is a 15-year veteran of web-based software development. With both a Bachelor and Master of Computer Science, he has spent his career developing sustainable software solutions for both small and large organizations. He is our Co-Founder and CTO for The Gazelle Network.

Headshot nathan

Nathan Ehresman

Software Engineer, Operations

Nathan brings decades of software engineering and operational experience to Gazelle. He has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and brings a passion for writing clean, fast code. Nathan’s software development expertise keeps our services safe and running smoothly.

Headshot stephanie

Stephanie Rose

Support, Marketing

Stephanie helps make your transition to Gazelle as smooth as possible by working with Tim to set up new customers, answer any questions you may have, and get you going as quickly as possible. She also assists with marketing and branding of our product.

Our Passion

The Gazelle Network is a software solution designed to help your piano service company succeed in the 21st century. Our customers tell us the reason they love Gazelle is because they spend less time drumming up work and more time focusing on the important things in their life.

Simplify — Gazelle will simplify your life because it puts everything you need in one centralized location. You can access your clients, pianos and calendar from anywhere via a Smart Phone, Tablet, or Computer. With Gazelle you will save time by having a simplified system that does everything you need.

Focus — As a piano service professional your focus should be on your customer and their piano, not all the other stuff necessary to run your business. After all, you don’t get paid to reply to email and return phone calls. With Gazelle you will spend less time looking for work and more time watching Gazelle work for you.

Love — Love goes both ways. We have developed a great product because we love what we do. With Gazelle you will enjoy life more when you focus on the important things. No matter how you look at it, loving your job is a key ingredient to providing great product or service. At Gazelle we strive to give you a great product so you can provide a great service.

Our Story

Gazelle is the result of two passions coming together. Timothy Barnes (RPT and Entrepreneur) and Luke Ehresman (Software Engineer) joined together to build a comprehensive business solution for your piano service company. Our goal is to give you more freedom so that you can simplify your life and focus on the things you love.