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Automated LifeCycle Reminders

Create LifeCycles that track your clients and their pianos from "not due" to "coming due" to "overdue for tuning" and automatically send customized emails and text messages at each phase. Without any interaction from a technician, automated appointment reminders can be sent out too. Use our Call Center interface to get a list of clients needing phone call reminders, which are automatically tracked through our LifeCycle algorithm as well.

Geo-located Smart Routes

Gazelle's Smart Routes uses Google Maps to efficiently schedule appointments by reducing drive times and allowing clients to efficiently self-schedule their own appointments. This helps you capture new clients before they leave your website. Clients can recieve LifeCycle reminders that their piano is due for tuning and click a button in the email to search your calendar for a time when you'll be near their location and schedule an appointment by themselves.

Condition Reports

Condition report
Send detailed condition reports to your clients outlining everything that needs service on their piano. Break it up into different tiers such as "Basic Functional Level" and "Active Use." Our observation has been that clients consistently choose to schedule more service work after seeing these reports than if we had just talked with them in person.

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Create invoices for your work and send them to your clients by printing them or emailing them a link so they can view it online. Track the lifecycle of your invoices from draft to open to overdue to paid.

Client Contact Management

Manage all your customer data in one place, accessible from anywhere in the world through a web browser or mobile phone. Track and find customers based on their contact information. Add multiple contact records for a client so you can keep track of husband and wife contacts separately, or a billing contact separate from other contacts for a university. Keep track of service history on multiple pianos, record measurements for each piano for historical comparison, make detailed notes at each appointment.

Multiple Pianos

Each piano in Gazelle is tracked separately. Keep track of critical measurements for historic comparisons such as humidity, temperature, and pitch. Each piano has its own service history, is associated with invoices, and has its own condition reports. Each client can have any number of piano records and each one has its LifeCycle tracked individually, so a university contract is as easy to manage as a family with a single instrument.
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